Vision and Mission

bonitawaypngVision Statement

“The Faculty and Staff of Bonita High School are dedicated to creating a culture that provides a rigorous, well-rounded education and produces citizens who are college and career ready.”

Mission Statement

“In order to prepare students for an ever-changing world, Bonita High School provides rich opportunities for growth and development in the Academics, Activities, Arts and Athletics. These 4 A’s provide students with unique opportunities to become lifelong learners who explore and develop into productive members of society.”

School Wide Learning Outcomes

Bonita High School students should/will know and successfully accomplish the following objectives upon graduation. These objectives were set forth as developed by the students, parents and staff of Bonita High School.


  •  Demonstrate leadership and a commitment to service
  •  Develop a 5-year post high school plan according to goals that emphasize civic responsibility and community values
  • Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the benefits of cultural diversity and its contributions to the nation
  • Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of American culture and values


  •  Demonstrate the ability to organize and take action on personal, academic, and professional goals
  •  Manage resources and time effectively
  •  Acknowledge, understand, and assume responsibility for the consequences of one’s actions


  •  Demonstrate the ability to make choices based upon a variety of critical thinking models
  •  Demonstrate the ability to locate, examine, analyze, and synthesize information
  • Select and use appropriate technology to perform tests, analyze data, and diagnose problems


  • Understand the relationship between learning in the classroom and civic, personal, and professional success
  • Demonstrate quality writing across the disciplines that emphasizes the writing and revision process
  • Develop study habits that are effective at home, school, and work
  • Demonstrate competence in the state standards across the disciplines


  • Utilize technology to maximize effective communication in multiple settings
  • Demonstrate the ability to understand audience, with appropriate vocabulary and effective organization
  • Construct and deliver written and oral pieces that clearly articulate the intended message


  • Exhibit pride and appreciation for the efforts of all of the members of the Bonita High School community, including teachers, staff, students, and parents
  • Help all students participate in activities inside and outside of the classroom that will increase success
  • Appreciate the diversity within the school and reach out to students without regard to race, gender, grade level, and academic placement


Be Extraordinary Bearcats