Visual Arts


Drawing and Mixed-Media

Students will engage in intensive study of a variety of techniques with a wide range of materials and media. This introductory class covers many important fundamentals of art. Selected topics include: shading, composition, color theory, creative design, and perspective. Students will be exposed to elements of art history as it applies to the units of study.

Illustration and Design I, Illustration and Design II

This course offers students the opportunity to create different types of original illustrative artwork and complete a diverse portfolio body. Students will learn how to airbrush and use different types of media, such as: gouache, color pencils, watercolor, brush pens, acrylic paint, charcoal, pastel, and pen and ink. Several projects created in this class consist of designing album covers, movie posters, postcard design, typography projects, and original trading card designs.

Fine Art of Printmaking I, Fine Art of Printmaking II

This course introduces students to different types of printmaking and the process of multiple printing. Students will create different artwork pieces using the four types of printmaking: relief, intaglio, planographic, and stenciling. Students will create stencils, silkscreen (T-shirt printing), woodcarving, linoleum carving, etching, monoprints, and posters. Projects are printed with different types of inks on paper and on T-shirts.

Fiber Arts I, Fiber Arts II

This course covers imagery design and composition to be used in different types of textile art. Students will learn a variety of fabric dying techniques including tie-dye, marbling, and batik. Original student drawings will be silkscreened and painted on different types of fabric. Students will also utilize line resist techniques and acrylic paint. Embroidery and original stuffed animals are among other projects students will produce in this course.

Jewelry I and Jewerly II

This course covers the design and creation of new gold and silver jewelry. Emphasis will be on methods, materials, and basic techniques, with an introduction to casting techniques, gem familiarization, and the history of jewelry. Jewelry II will cover more advanced techniques. Jewelry II may be repeated for credit.

Advanced Art

This course is designed as a continuing step towards the development of the student’s painting and drawing skills. Art criticism will also be explored and practiced. A variety of subject matter and materials will be used. This course may be repeated for credit.