Health Services

Bonita High School’s Health Office is staffed by Christa Pavey, Health Clerk and Christie Bernal RN, School Nurse

If your child becomes ill at school, he/she will need to go to the health office. The health office staff will assess the student’s condition and contact parents when necessary.

Please note that if your child is injured and requires medical attention or is hospitalized, he/she will need a medical release from a doctor that indicates the date the student may return to school. Please have the doctor list any restrictions or assistive devices needed. For example: “No P.E. for two weeks–must use crutches/sling/splint for 10 days.”

An emergency card must be completed for each student. If there is a change in your child’s health status, please contact the school health office.

Students who need to take medication (prescription or over the counter) at school must have a medication authorization form completed by a doctor and signed by a parent or guardian.

Vision and hearing screenings are completed on all 10th grade students, all special education students, and parent/teacher requests.

Bonita High School’s Health Office Phone: (909) 971-8220 ext. 2020 Email:   

School Nurse Phone: (909) 971-8220 ext. 2021 Email:   

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