Mr. Michael Mann

  • 11th and 12th
  • Teacher
  • Bonita High School
1139 or 2508

About Me

I teach 11th and 12th SAI English (Specialized Academic Instruction). Put quite simply, my classes offer extra support that include accommodations and modifications for reading, writing, and speaking. I also offer a StudySkills course during the day. 

Personal Life: Married, 3 children, Colts/Angels/Lakers fan, Coach, likes beef jerky, Mongolian beef at PF Chang's, cold brew from Starbucks brings me happiness, ate two 4 X 4's from In-N-Out and animal style fries in 20 minutes just because, demolished an XL pizza from Warehouse, Go to Mi Ranchito and see my picture for eating a 6 pound burrito (yes...winning... celeb status), watches Disney movies, vacationer, Master's degree from APU, multiple credentials, non-profit organization (