Club List

Acapella Chris M. Helm Non compact Mondays 803
Anime Maddie B. Monsen Every other Friday 206
Be Extraordinary Tomasina G. Grasmick Wednesday 811
Bearcats of Hope Jenna G. Black Wednesday 509
Bearcats Share Jordan H. Hurst Tuesday 510
BHS Teens for Truth Lakaysha S. Plunkett Tuesday 702
Bite of Bonita Eva C. Brandler ??? 601
Bonita Buddies Jillian S. Dill Tuesday Various
Bonita Coding Club Vera W. McGarvey Every other Friday 902
Bonita Team Hope Annika M. Verti Tuesday 908
Classy Men and Women of BHS Bryan Plat Montenegro Friday 602
Comedy Improv Jason M. and Sadie R. Frederick ??? 801
Comic Book Club Sara J. Cisneros Every other Tuesday 604
Creative Writing Margareta S. Halberg Thursday 201
Donate Life Nandini K. Rodriguez ??? 708
Earth Rescue Eudora Y., Autumn S. and Brandon N. Mayer Wednesday 308
Environmental Club Steven Zhao Thompson ??? 504
FCA Erin Armstrong Godley, Bell, Mann Non compact Mondays Old Gym
Feminist Club Shelly W. Ray Tuesday 507
FIDM Fashion Club Hannah B. and Cameryn M. Obrien ??? 603
French Club Lili D. and Sarah W. Kavazanjian Thursday 606
Gender Equality Emily G.r and Olivia V. Ray ??? 507
Hikin’ with Eichen Dylan M. Eichen Varies 408
Key Club Adrian R. Wes Thursday 812
Korean Culture Club Tatiana P. Dukowsky Every other Monday 502
Learning Wall Street Matthew A. Pike Friday 905
Music Appreciation Daniel L. Bird ??? 809
Music Club
Pave the Way Lara Z. Rodriguez Every other Tuesday 708
PRIDE Zendry K. Jaeger Friday 207
Recycle Phong N. Clelland ??? 503
Robotics Jared B. James H. Yip Varies 811
Rubik’s Cube Chris M. Eckler ??? 806
Speech and Debate Maddie. B.s Guillen Varies Various
Sponsor a Child Ana M. Peters Every other Wednesday 705
SWAGS Olivia B. Ray 3rd Wednesday 507
Swing Dancing Peter G. O’Grady Wednesday Old Gym
The Good Gamer’s club John S. Dworak 403
Theatre Club Nathanial T. Frederick ??? 801
We Are One Project Madison H. Hudec ??? 402
Yoga Meredith B. Hanna P. Bird Thursday 803