Drama Students Excelled at California Thespian Festival

This past weekend, the Bonita High School theater department showcased its talents at the California Thespian Festival held at Upland High School. This event is the largest of its kind in the state, drawing over 66 schools and 1400 students from across California. The festival provides a platform for students to compete in over 15 different categories including monologues, duet/large group scenes, musical theatre solos, and costume design.

Among the plethora of talents from various schools, Bonita High School students stood out with their superior performances in several categories. Bridget B., Evelyn J., Isabelle F., and Adrian S. all received superior scores for their individual performances. Bridget and Isabelle, both in the 12th grade, excelled in musical theatre solos, while Evelyn showcased her prowess in monologues, and Adrian also shone in a musical theatre solo.

The festival wasn’t just about competition; it was also an opportunity for participants to be involved in the opening and closing events, which involved extensive at-home preparation followed by group rehearsals. JJ Vasquez, an 11th grader from Bonita High School, participated in the opening number, which included two rehearsals and two performances, demonstrating the dedication and hard work put in by the students.

Highlighting the festival was a special presentation of “Wicked: The Musical,” performed by Bridget B. and Isabelle F. This performance was part of a unique celebration marking the 20th birthday of the beloved musical, with music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, who provided a special present to the festival attendees.

The achievements of Bonita High School’s theater department at the California Thespian Festival reflect not only the individual talents of its students but also the supportive community that backs them. Videos of these memorable performances are to be shared soon, providing an opportunity for all to witness the hard work and talent of Thespian Troupe #2913. The dedication and achievement of these students highlight the vibrant arts culture at Bonita High School and the broader educational value of participating in state-wide competitions.