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Updated Work Permit Information during Covid-19 crisis

How to Obtain a Work Permit During the School Year
*You must already have been hired in order to get a permit*
  1. Print the Work Permit Request Form
– If you need a form mailed to you contact Mrs. O’Grady
If you need other assistance please contact Mrs. O’Grady.
  1. Read the Work Permit Regulations on the second page
  2. Complete all information, obtain supervisor and parent signatures
– If you are unable to print the form you can fill it out online and get digital signatures. 
  1. Scan or take a clear picture of the request form and email it to Mrs. O’Grady at
  2. The permit will take on average 3-5 days to process.
  3. Upon approval the permit will be emailed to you. 
*All work permits expire the first Friday of the first week of the new school year. 
*Students need a separate permit for each job they have.
1. You must already have been HIRED
  • Permits are issued for a specific job and require the employers signature
  • Some employers don’t understand that you need their signature before you can get a permit. If they ask you for a permit on an application let them know you can obtain one after they give their signature.
  • If you change jobs you need a NEW permit for that job.

2. Pick up an application in the Career/College Center

  • The entire top half of the application must be completed before turning in
    • i. Minor’s Information (including social security #)
    • ii. School Information
    • iii. Employer information and signature
    • iv. Parent or Legal Guardian Signature

3. Turn in COMPLETED applications to Mrs. O’Grady in the Career/College Center

4. If approved your application will be sent to the district office for processing.

  • Approval is based on attendance and credits.

5. It will take at least 3 days to get your permit.

  • You cannot work until you have a permit.
  • Rush approvals will only be done in extreme circumstances and permit will need to be picked up at the District Office.

6. You will be contacted via call slip when your permit is ready for pick up.

Applications are also available on the district website for download and printing.

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