Emergency / Disaster Information


Bonita High School Administration and Staff have developed the following plans and procedures to ensure the safety of students and staff in the event of an emergency.

LOCKOUT – This procedure is used when there is a threat or hazard that is located outside of the school building.  This procedure is most often initiated at the request of the Police Department or Fire Department.  Historically this procedure has been used when a Police suspect is at large in the neighborhood or a crime is in progress nearby. It has been used when the Fire Department may be cleaning up a chemical/environmental hazard in the neighborhood.

  • The school perimeter will be locked down or secured so that outsiders cannot enter. The main office will also be locked down.  Blue Signs with two hands up will be affixed to doors and gates to alert the public that the school is locked down.
  • While the gates and doors may be locked, phone and internet communication will typically continue.
  • Checking students in and out of the office will be suspended until the Police/Fire direct the school that it is safe to do so.
  • Classes and all other operations will continue as usual.
  • Classes conducted

LOCKDOWN – A lockdown is called when there is a threat or hazard inside the school.  There are two types of lockdowns.

SOFT LOCKDOWN – This is used in situations where the threat is on campus but does necessitate the changing of classroom operations. Historically this procedure has been used when a student is acting in an unruly fashion and we would like to prevent him/her from entering a classroom.

  • An announcement will be made over the campus loud speakers: “This is a soft lockdown.  Please lock your doors.”
  • Teachers and staff lock their doors but classes and activities will continue.
  • Classes outside may be moved indoors if it does not move them towards the threat.
  • An announcement will cancel the lockdown.

HARD LOCKDOWN – This is used in situations where the threat is on campus and the harm of student and staff is eminent. Historically this procedure has been used in “Active Shooter” situations or when there is a weapon on campus. First responders will be notified.

  • Students move to nearest classroom or will stay in class.
  • Lock classroom door.
  • Lights out.
  • Move away from sight.
  • Maintain silence
  • Take roll, account for students
  • Wait for First Responders to open door or an announcement over the public address system.

EVACUATION – In the course of an emergency. it may become necessary for students to leave classrooms.  In the event of an evacuation, students will be moved to the football field.  If the event that students cannot return to classrooms, they will be checked out to parents from the Football Stadium.


In the event that we have to check students out from the stadium, the following procedures will be used.  Please realize that checking out student from the stadium will take some time and patience.  With 2,000 Bonita students and the possible relocation of other schools to our facility, may results in some delays. In order to move through the process, we ask that parents stay outside of the stadium.

  • The process will start at the HOME ticket booth. Please fill out the Reunification Information Form. Please have a Driver’s License/Photo ID available.
  • Please make sure that you are on the student’s Emergency Release Card. Legally we are only allowed to release students to parents or listed emergency contacts.
  • If you are checking out a student who is not your child, please make sure that you have notified the student’s parent/guardian so they are aware of their child’s location.
  • Once the form has been collected at the HOME ticket booth, please move to the VISITOR’s gate. Your student will be located on the field and brought to the visitor’s gate.  Again this process may take several minutes, so please exercise patience.