Mrs. Jean Pierce

  • AP Literature and Composition, American Literature, English I
  • Teacher and Senior Class Council Advisor
  • Bonita High School

About Me

Hello! I've been a proud Bearcat teacher since 2013 and have loved every minute:) My students mean the world to me, and they have taught me so much. In my room, we emphasize LOVE, COMMUNITY, and PURPOSE; the three essential things we need to be successful and help others succeed. If we LOVE ourselves and others, we build COMMUNITY, and if we have LOVE and COMMUNITY, then we have PURPOSE, and that is the key to success. 

This idea is cultivated through all our readings, writings, and discussions. When you walk through my door (which is always open, btw), I want you to know your best interest is at the center of all I do. My students are my motivation, and I wouldn't have a purpose without YOU!