Teagan M: December Leader of the Month

Taegan is one of my most enthusiastic yearbook students. He is eager to attend as many events as he can, and often goes above and beyond his assigned duties. After Taegan finishes his own work, he checks in with other staff members to see how he can help: conducting interviews, taking pictures, identifying an unknown person in a picture, troubleshooting formatting problems, and whatever else the staff needs to be successful. I hear Taegan asking “Can I help you?” almost every day. Most notably, Taegan works hard to improve and learn from mistakes. When he finds something difficult, he pushes through frustration and works hard until he masters it. I will also say that Taegan makes that same level of effort in my AP Language class as well–he had one of the highest scores on the first timed writing.

Nominated by:  Beth Oualline