Cody W. and Luke W: February Athletes of the Month

Athletes of the Month

Athletics – Cody W:  I am nominating Cody because he is a very hard worker in Varsity Swim and Varsity Water Polo. Not only is he really talented, but he is always very humble with what he excels at. He holds the school record for swim with his butterfly, and is working every day to surpass it. He is committed and never misses practice, because he truly cares about the sports he is in and the people around him. Besides being a great athlete, he is also involved in Chamber Singers and has a 4.5 GPA!

Nominated by Summer Southall

Athletics – Luke W:  Luke has been doing a great job leading the baseball team, and their season hasn’t even started yet. Luke is also helping out with ASB everyday, and shows up early for Rally setups, and brings a lot fun to our ASB class.

Nominated by Julie Pocino