School’s Splatoon E-Sports Team Clinches State CIF Championship

We are thrilled to announce a spectacular victory for our E-Sports Splatoon team, which has just clinched the State CIF Championship in California! Demonstrating unmatched skill and teamwork, the team concluded an undefeated season, triumphing in every round of the competition—an incredible achievement, especially considering that Bonita High School introduced E-Sports just three years ago.

Under the expert guidance of Mr. Grzechowiak, the team has shown what dedication and collaboration can accomplish, quickly elevating our E-Sports program to championship status. The success of our students in such a competitive arena is a testament to their hard work and the strong support from their coach and the school.

A special shoutout to team members Jad S., Joshua C., Colin S., and Aurora M. Each of these students played a pivotal role in securing the championship. If you see them around campus, be sure to extend your congratulations on their outstanding performance and their contribution to Bonita High’s legacy of excellence.

Join us in celebrating this milestone for our E-Sports team. This victory not only highlights the talents and capabilities of our students but also sets a high standard for the future of our E-Sports program. Well done, team!

Go, Bearcats! Show your pride and keep pushing the boundaries of excellence!