Isiah G: November Artist of the Month

Isiah is one of those unique students that always gives 100% – whether it be on assignments, working with others, leading others, collaborating or just looking to help out. He is involved in so many activities and groups both on and off campus and always finds time to make connections. He is well liked by teachers and peers because he is genuine and focuses not only on his own success and excelling but on helping those around him. Isiah is put in charge of many tasks, activities and events in my class. He is dependable, responsible and displays integrity and leadership daily. He is creative and can think outside the box whether he is collaborating with others or leading. His passion for people and being successful is something that is not often found in a high school student. In ProStart he is always excited to tackle new challenges and be professional. He is such a great representation of my program as well as the school. His abilities are diverse as he is talented in both the kitchen as well as the front of the house aspects of my program. I am excited to see all that Isiah is able to accomplish in life. He has a good head on his shoulders and will be successful at whatever career he goes after. He has such a diverse interest, music, food, people and has an entrepreneurial spirit that our Bearcat family should be proud of!

Nominated by Laurie Brandler