October 4As of the Month

Rhyan Lunsford Nominated by: Tim Alley
She has a 97.6 % in biology. She is a super star in many ways. She is a great student and classmate to
others. She is a model student in general. I am so proud of her because she came forward to do the right
thing in class.
Mariah May Nominated by: Amanda Seibert
Mariah is an outstanding student who is kind and responsible. She gives it her best everyday in PE. She
is a leader by example and works hard in PE as well as in her other classes. Last week she was
motivated to take 10 seconds off of her personal best mile time for the semester.
Kendra Warner Nominated by: Laura Montenegro
Kendra has excelled in her academics since we have come back to in person learning. Online learning
was a challenge for her and she currently has straight “A”s. Her whole attitude has been so positive as
well as she does have some mental issues she has been dealing with
Ashley Padres Nominated by: John Mc Garvey
Ashley received a perfect score on the AP CSP exam last year. She has taken many honors and AP
courses. She has a weighted gpa of 4.57 and will graduate a year early. She has also been involved in
athletics, participating in the girls basketball program and various clubs and activities inside and outside of