Link Crew Roster and News!


“Congratulations to the following students for being selected as part of Link Crew for the 2020-2021 school year! As we begin the new school year we have many challenges that face us during these unprecedented times and I would like to meet with you all this Thursday via Zoom to address these challenges with creative solutions. I would like to meet with the Commissioners beginning at 9 am on Thursday July 23rd, then meet with the entire group at 9:30 am, again on the 23rd. Please join the Link Crew Google Classroom with the following link for all relevant information (zoom links, Remind group codes, messages, etc.):


Commissioners  Leaders  Leaders  Leaders
  Aidan L.  Akash C.   Isabella M.   Noah M.
  Alexa G.  Alexandra A.   Itzel B.   Omar M.
 Alexa P.  Alexis C.   Jessica Y.   Rhea A.
 Avinash C.  Allie T.   Jing S.   Robert A.
 Brianna F.  Ally L.   Joseph N.   Roxanne D.
 Ella B.  Andrea T.   Kaitlyn B.   Russell R.
 Jake P.  Anthony S.   Katia M.   Ryan R.
 Madalena A.  Arturo R.   Katie S.   Ryan S.
 Madeline M.  Ashley P.   Kaylee F.   Sam L.
 Sarah S. Brennen S. Kaylee H. Samantha W.
Savana B.  Brianna W.   Kelly D.   Sarah M.
 Taylor W.  Brooke B.   Layla L.   Seher A.
 Yeonu A.  Caitlin M.   Leyla C.   Stephanie B.
 Cassandra F.   Liliana M.   Taegan M.
 Cassie U.   Lisa May C.   Trinity Y.
 Chris L.   Madison P.   Trisha T.
 Conrad H.   Makayla I.   Vanessa S.
 Darby P.   Michael S.   Verena P.
 Fatemehzahra N.   Naomi Y.   Zaara F.
 Hannah P.   Nathaniel G.
  Isabel K.   Nicholas A.

I look forward to seeing all of you this Thursday! If you have any questions, please email me at: