Mrs. Jill Black

  • 11-12
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology Teacher
  • Bonita High School

About Me

Welcome to Human Anatomy and Physiology! This course is fun, exciting, rigorous, rewarding and amazing! It is an upper level lab science course that prepares the student for a successful start to a college major in biology, pre-medical, pre-veterinary, nursing, sports medicine, physical therapy and many more. We spend about 30% of our time doing hands on lab-work from using microscopes in histology up to full organ dissection with the highlight, a whole body dissection of the cat. We take a trip to a medical school to work on human cadavers. I am often told this class is more valuable then words can describe once the student is taking anatomy and physiology in college. 

I became passionate about science as a child collecting more animals then should be allowed. Once I was 18 I started my career in vet medicine as a vet assistant at a local pet hospital, which motivated me to become a veterinarian. Through the years I became a State of California Registered Veterinary Technician (a nurse in the animal world) and worked for 20 years at various clinics, emergency hospitals, and surgical practices. I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a bachelors of science in biology, pre-med. Unfortunately my path to vet school was derailed by a car accident that left me unable to perform the fine motor tasks needed for surgery. So I decided that teaching the upcoming doctors, nurses, and such would be a great choice.

I am often very grateful for that unexpected career path switch because I now have the privilege to teach my passion to students who share that passion. I absolutely enjoy my students and am proud of all the wonderful things they do with this education.