Summer School Policies

All Behavior and Dress Code Policies will be in place during the summer.

  1. If a student is referred to the office for behavior issues, he/she will be suspended for the day and will lose attendance for the periods missed that day or dismissed from summer school.
  2. Students must attend the entire summer session regardless of whether they passed one semester or not.
  3. Because of waiting lists that may be in effect, any student absent on the 1st day of summer school risks being dropped from the class.
  4. Attendance Policy – no exceptions
  • Once a student accumulates the equivalent of 3 full day absences (1½ absences for semester Government/Economics classes) , he/she will no longer receive credit for the course.
  • 1 tardy = 1/3 absence (3 tardies = 1 absence)
  • Missing 30 minutes or more, either at the beginning or end of class, results in an absence for the period.