P.A.C.E. eFolio Details

Making Your P.A.C.E. eFolio

  1. Go to sites.google.com/new from YOUR SCHOOL ACCOUNT, not your personal
  2. Click the + button in the bottom right hand corner to add a new site
  3. Enter the site name where it says “Enter site name”
  4. Your site name should be “First Name Last Name’s PACE Portfolio”
  5. Click “Pages” in the column on the right hand side

1. Create a page called “The Project”… Beneath that page, create 3 sub-pages…

  • Verification Forms
  • Logs and Evidence
  • Project Hours Self-Evaluation

2. Create a page called “The Paper”… Beneath that page, create 3 sub-pages…

  • Letter of Commitment
  • Research Paper
  • Research Paper Self Evaluation

3. Create a page called “The Future”… Beneath that page, create 3 sub-pages…

  • Career Narrative
  • Five Year Plan
  • Resume
  1. Click “Insert” in the column on the right hand side
    • On your “The Project” page, add three buttons and link each of them to their corresponding sub-pages: Verification forms, logs and evidence, and project hours self-evaluation.
    • On your “The Paper” page, add three buttons and link each of them to their corresponding sub-pages: Letter of commitment, research paper, and paper self-evaluation.
    • On your “The Future” page, add three buttons and link each of them to their corresponding sub-pages: Career Narrative,Five Year Plan, and Resume.
  2. On the Home page, set the layout for a picture on the left and text on the right. 
  • The text will be your About Me 
  • The photo will be a professional photo ( senior portrait or a pic. of you doing hours).
  • Press the “Publish” button
  1. In “Site Location,” write “firstname-lastname-portfolio”
  2. Under “Who can view my site,” click Manage
  3. Under “Published,” click “Change…”
  4. Make sure “Anyone can find and view the published version” is checked
  5. Press Save, then press Done
  6. Under “Search Settings,” check “Request public search engines to not display my site”
  7. Press Publish
  • Use the rest of the time to change the layout, fonts, colors, themes, etc. Don’t make your viewers have to squint to read anything or have a seizure from the crazy colors/effects you use. Make it match your project’s theme. Make it your own. Make it look good.
  • Press “Publish” to update your changes.

To see an example of what the eFolio should look like click here.

Uploading Documents to the P.A.C.E. eFolio

Please log into your school Google Drive and open your PACE eFolio as a separate tab by visiting www.sites.google.com and selecting “New Google sites” 

  1. Create a new PACE folder in Google Drive and open up share settings for the folder.
    • Right click on PACE folder-share-Advanced settings
    • Set sharing privileges for folder to “Anyone who has the  link can access. No log-in required.” 
    • Move Career Narrative, logs 1 and 2, and any other into your PACE folder. 
    • Check sharing privileges on one of these docs. They should have taken on the same shared settings as the folder. 
  2. Upload career narrative onto your Google Site: 
  • Career Narrative sub-page under “The Future”
  • Insert-From Drive-find career narrative-insert. 
  • Use eyeball button to view what the published product will look lie. 
  1. Download a free scanner app onto your phone (Adobe Scan works well)
  • Set the app up to access your BUSD Google account.
  • Scan your documents Parent Consent (form #1) and Mentor Verification (form #2)
    1.  Scan the document by setting it straight on the table, finding the four corners of the doc, and capturing a photo. 
    2. If the doc has multiple pages or is double-sided, keep taking pictures until you have all pages. 
    3. Rename the document by selecting the pencil icon at the top. 
    4. Save PDF- Share-Share a copy
    5. If you have the Google Drive app on your phone (or a Google phone), you can save directly into your Drive account. 
  1. Set-up your verification forms page by selecting the icon below from the insert tab.  
  • Select edit and label the four forms in this order: Parent Consent, Mentor Verification, Mentor Completion, Parent Completion. 
  • Use the + button to add the files directly from Drive. 
  • Use the eyeball icon to view what the published product will look like.
  1. Remember to hit Publish each time to update your work to the published site!