Mr. Gene Pizzolo

  • Assistant Principal
  • Bonita High School

About Me

My responsibilities at Bonita High School include the Master Schedule, Attendance, supervision of the English and World Language Departments, and Testing Coordinator for AP, PSAT, and School Day SAT exams.  I earned my BS in Mathematics and MBA in Quantitative Analysis from St. John’s University, M.Ed. in Math Education from Rutgers University, and PD in Administration from CW Post Center of Long Island University.  In addition to teaching mathematics at Cold Spring Harbor High School, I was Department Chair of Mathematics at Paul D. Schreiber High School - both in New York; I also taught mathematics at Diamond Ranch High School for one year and was an assistant principal at Norwalk High School for two years before coming to Bonita High.  My goal is to provide as many opportunities as possible to all students to have a rich and rewarding high school academic experience, and be prepared for the next phase in their lives after high school.