Athletics Online Registration

Complete each of the following steps to get started:

Student-Athletes and their parent/guardian MUST register for EACH AND EVERY sport they plan on participating in separately. It’s better to register and change your mind not to participate than to miss a sports registration deadline date and not be able to participate.

Please follow the steps below to register for a sport.

  1. Go to www.GOBEARCATS.ORG
  2. At the top of the page is a header with the title Forms a. Click and download Registration Step by Step
  3. Go to
  4. Watch the embedded video titled See How It Works!
  5. Lower left of Athletic Clearance website is a Register button, click
  6. In the box enter the 4 digit code written in red, click submit
  7. Click Start Clearance Here!
  8. For year select 2016-2017
  9. For school select Bonita
  10. For sport select the upcoming sport you will participate in i. You will have the opportunity to add additional sports later.
  11. Complete Steps 1-5. i. You must complete all items indicated with a red *
  12. Print off last page, sign and return to athletic department stapled to Your completed athletic physical. No Athlete can participate in any athletic activity/event until the athlete has been cleared by the athletic department. Any questions please contact the athletic department. 

Physicals are valid for 1 year.

* This site is also the best site for all the up to date information regarding BHS Athletics

Download and print these directions below: