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Where should I go?

Monterey 2010 (178)

The O*NET Interest Profiler can help you find out what your interests are and how they relate to the world of work. Print the results, highlight and place in your brainstorm folder.

Live Career is a site that offers free career testing and a vast catalog of information regarding careers. Print the results, highlight and place in your brainstorm folder. 

Finding Your Learning Strengths helps you to identify what your learning strengths are in order to better identify the career and college major paths that are best for you.  

Personality Profiles
Big Five personality test: This test measures what many psychologists consider to be the five fundamental dimensions of personality. As you are rating yourself, you are encouraged to rate another person. By rating someone else you will tend to receive a more accurate assessment of your own personality. Print the results, highlight according to directions and place in your brainstorm folder.

TypeFocus Personality ProfileOur mission is to enrich people’s lives through the power of self awareness. We bring this information into practical applications by providing online personality assessments and personalized reports at affordable prices. Through our program, people gain insights into themselves and use that knowledge to develop rewarding relationships, choose satisfying careers, become more effective leaders and live healthier and happier lives.Note: be sure to continue to the end, but do not pay for the expanded report.

Kiersey Temperment Sorter: The Keirsey Temperament Sorter®-II (KTS®-II) is the most widely used personality instrument in the world. It is a powerful 70 question personality instrument that helps individuals discover their personality type.Take your results, scroll up until you get to your type (i.e. estj, estp, etc.), as well as the broad category (i.e. Guardian, Idealists, etc.) and the introvert, extrovert section to understand.

Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator:  The Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator can help you determine your Enneagram type. According to enneagram concept of personality, we are born with an “essence”. Each type of essence is denoted with a number given upon circumference of a symbolic circle.When finished with the survey, click on more information, then click on your primary diagrams and type descriptions.

Complete the Hemispheric Brain Dominance Test: The characteristics normally used to describe left or right brain preferences still serve as an extremely useful model for ways to process new information. No one else processes information in exactly the same way you do. But if you discover how you process information best, you can learn things more efficiently and in less time. And you can expand the strategies/you use for learning and studying. When learning something new or difficult, you naturally tend to use the learning style you prefer. This web-site contains information on how Hemispheric Dominance (Left of Right Brain Dominance) influences learning styles:

Personal Awareness 
Power Quiz: The results will usually give you a rough indication of where you stand on the power freak scale, which helps to measure how well you work with others. Note: use only free results.

VIA Institute of Character: Research tells us that individuals who use their character strengths lead happier, more satisfying lives. Only when you understand your unique character strengths can you begin to live a life that is engaging, exciting and rewarding to you. This helps to measure those strengths.

As you begin your job search, it is important that you know your own qualifications. Over the years you have developed many skills from coursework, extracurricular activities and your total life experiences. Complete the Transferrable Skills Survey print results, highlight according to directions and place in brainstorm folder. 

Occupational Outlook Handbook site and locate the job categories on the right side of the web page. Click on the categories that contain the occupations you have identified on your career list as possibilities. Print the entire categorical list and highlight any additional occupations of interest that may appear in the category and place in portfolio. Additionally, print at least FOUR (4) complete occupational descriptions, put in order of preference and place in portfolio. While at this site click on “Tomorrows Jobs” print, read, highlight any interesting insights, make notations in the margins and place in portfolio.

The O*NETTM Online is another very good career information research site. Please select four (4) specific careers and get a summary of each, print, highlight according to directions and place in brainstorm folder.

Go to the website and select four (4) specific careers and get a summary of each, print, put in order of preference and place in brainstorm folder.

The Skills Assessment helps you find what skills are needed for the career you have chosen. Print results and possible jobs for a High school education, 2 years of college and 4 years of college.

Complete the Prioritizing Life Values survey: This activity will help you to sort major values and rank them in order of importance to you. This is a very important consideration for good career decision-making.  Note: Print results only.