Research Resources

Research Paper Resources


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The following is a list of internet sources NOT acceptable for P.A.C.E. research papers. This is not a complete list. As you research, your teacher may add sites to this list. 


  • Blogs
  • Online encyclopedias
  • Any site that is a personal site

*For more info, see the Website Evaluation page 

Instead, USE:

  • Books Believe it or not, still the best and most trusted source. Start here!
  • Mentor/Interview The person/people you trusted to help you in the physical project are often some of the best people to ask about your research topic.
  • Google scholar
  • EBSCO: EBSCO is paid for by the school and accessible through the school website. Directions: 1.) Go to the site above. 2.) User ID: 3102dst Password: bearcat. 3. Once you have entered the database, you may search from a variety of approved and appropriate sources. Hint: Make sure you click on the full articles only tab to ensure you don’t get abstracts, which are just small pieces of the source.
  • The Internet Public Library The IPL contains a wide range and variety of websites, with access to Subject Collections, Ready Reference, and magazines and newspapers.
  • Infomine Originating from the University of California at Riverside, the site has access to important educational and research tools, with over 100,000 links.
  • American Memory From the Library of Congress special collections, this site provides full-text access to primary and archival materials relating to United States history and culture.
  • Statistical Resources on the Web Compiled by the Documents Center at the University of Michigan Library, the site has hundreds of statistical files, mainly from government sources, on such topics as demographics, consumers, education, foreign trade, health, and science.
  • NYPL Digital Gallery This New York Public Library site provides access to digital collections of primary sources and printed materials, including books, photographs, manuscripts, and maps.
  • Government hosted sites
  • University hosted sites

Other Helpful Sites:
Best way to create your working bibliography and works cited page: